April 23, 2018

Fate and Destiny

Is there a difference between fate and destiny?...many people use the words interchangeably as though it makes no difference at all...but in actuality, there is a difference...some say fate is something that you are going to meet and there is nothing you can do to change it...fate sounds negative doesn’t it?...like you’re resigning yourself to your fate...many times it’s used in a negative manner...destiny they say it something that you can change...let’s say you want to become a great actor and you take acting classes, maybe you started off in school plays or something like that, and you work hard towards achieving your goal...years may go by and then one day...you become an ‘overnight’ success...some will say that you were destined to become a great actor...the truth being your hard work shaped your destiny...or it could be you became a great entrepreneur because you went to college and took essential course, took chances, worked hard and so on, and you became a great success...again, people would say you were destined for success...few if any would say that your fate was to become a successful business person...fate tends to mean you have no control whereas destiny indicates you did something to ‘make things happen’...as those energetic go-getters like to say.

April 21, 2018

The Red Baron

On this day in 1918, the famous World War I German fighter pilot Manfred von Richthofen was shot down during an air battle...he had earned his acclaim by racking up 80 air combat victories...he was 25 years old…’The Red Baron’ as he was known as was a feared pilot and the most famous aviator of that time, and even to this day, his name and fame is transcendent...he had gotten the name ‘Red Baron’ because he had red paint applied to his plane once he became a squadron commander...although not all the planes he flew were red...he was known as ‘the ace of aces’...originally, he was a cavalry officer in the Army, but applied for a transfer to the German Air Force...he was a great national hero in his native Germany, and his skill won the respect of the enemy...there is controversy over just who fired the fatal shots that shot Richthofen out of the sky on 21 April 1918...he was given a military burial with full honors by Allied forces...don’t think he was transcendent?...it was ‘The Red Baron’ who Snoopy famously tangled with in the ‘Peanuts’ comic strip...there was also a Top 40 song in the 1960’s called Snoopy vs. The Red Baron which was performed by the Royal Guardsmen...don’t think he still has relevance?...if you go into the grocery store, you most likely will find Red Baron pizza... supposedly in the late stages of the war, some pilots reported the frightening sight of seeing ‘The Red Baron’ darting in and out of the clouds in his majestic red airplane...patrolling the skies, even after his death.

April 19, 2018

San Francisco Earthquake and A Most Unusual Story

April 18, 1906...the day of the San Francisco earthquake...a monster quake that would have registered an estimated 7.9 on the Richter scale (the Richter scale wasn’t around until the mid-1930’s)...over 8000 people were killed and not just San Francisco suffered damage...so did San Jose, CA which is about 45 minutes southeast of the city by the bay and other nearby cities...there have many paranormal reports, but none stranger or perhaps harder to believe than one of a San Francisco newspaperman who it is alleged the night before, supposedly wrote a story about an earthquake devastating the city...before it happened...now whether this actually occurred is speculation and the facts are few, but it is said to have happened...could it be possible?...that someone would foresee such a terrible natural disaster?...perhaps he had ESP and was able to ‘see’ the events that happened on that horrible day...ESP can come to anyone at any time...it has been documented, despite what the skeptics say...perhaps this journalist had some sort of vision where he could see the devastation of such an event, and then wrote a story detailing it...the story has long since disappeared and the people who had knowledge of this bizarre tale are long dead, but who can say for sure that this didn’t happen?...eerily, as I write this story, I have learned that there are reports of an earthquake of 3.9 in San Jose, CA...you can’t make this stuff up, as they say.

April 17, 2018

Lenin's Ghost At The Kremlin

It was on April 16 in 1917 that Vladimir Lenin returned to Russia from exile...Lenin had convinced the Germans that if they helped him get back into Russia, him and his party could seize power and stop the war...with that, Germany could then take their troops from the Russian front and focus on the Western front instead...the Tsar had just been overthrown, but the leaders of the provisional government led by Alexander Kerensky still supported the war effort...ironically enough, both Lenin and Kerensky had attended the same school...Lenin promised immediate peace and gave up a large tract of land to Germany to get it...this appealed to the Russian people who had become tired of the fight that cost so many millions of Russian lives...the communist revolutionary became leader of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (SFSR) later that year...in 1922, he became the first Premier of the Soviet Union...he had survived an assassination attempt in 1918 and then suffered several strokes which slowed the once energetic leader...the last one left him unable to speak...this was when Stalin saw his chance and made a grab for power...ironically, Lenin who himself had been associated with murder, arson and terror warned others about Stalin and that he was ‘too brutal’...but it was too late and Stalin rose to supreme power...Lenin died on 21 January 1924...but according to reports, this was not the last time Lenin was ‘seen’...it is said that Lenin is a frequent visitor to the Kremlin...even before his death, he was sighted by a security man in October 1923...although Lenin was still alive at the time...(he died three months later)...the security officer was puzzled why Lenin visited the Kremlin by himself with no guards...he reported this but was told on the phone that it was impossible because Lenin was in Gorky at that moment...bilocation perhaps or a ghostly apparition?...others corroborated the story of Lenin’s sighting in the Kremlin that night…supposedly, Lenin was walking in a great hurry, even though at the time his pace has been slowed by a series of strokes and required him to use a cane...even today, sightings of Lenin’s ghost are reported.

April 15, 2018

106 Years Ago Today

It was on this night, the 15th of April in 1912, 106 years ago tonight to be specific...that the RMS Titanic went under the cold, dark waters of the Atlantic Ocean...over 1500 lives were lost...the ship had hit an iceberg at 11:40 p.m. on 14 April several hundred miles from Newfoundland...the ship was thought to be unsinkable by many...it had ‘watertight’ compartments but those compartments were not actually watertight at all...they could be breached by the water by simply flowing over the top of the compartment wall and flowing into the next one, and the next one, and so on...the weight of the water would pull down the front of the ship sending it and many of its passengers and crew to their doom...there were not enough lifeboats to hold all on board, and some of the lifeboats were lowered with room for more available...one ship that could have helped, The Californian, was extremely close but ignored the distress rockets sent up by the Titanic’s crew...it did try to send an ice warning for small ice and growlers previously, and the message did reach the bridge...however, when The Californian stopped due to ice, the communique was not sent to the bridge by the Titanic’s wireless operator by some unfortunate occurrence...The Titanic did its best to miss the iceberg when it was sighted, but it brushed against the side of the ship inflicting a fatal gash...one can only imagine the terror of that night...the Carpathia steamed to help but it was over 4 hours away...there is an excellent movie ‘A Night To Remember’ which is a faithful re-enactment of the sinking...not the silly one made recently...both The Californian and The Carpathia were sunk during World War I...there is an excellent museum about the Titanic located at The Luxor hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada...they have an actual piece of the hull from the ship...I highly recommend going there...by the way, it has been said by some that the museum has had some paranormal activity take place within it...perhaps the times I was there, the spirits had the night off and were on the Strip somewhere, but I’ve never witnessed any...it seems unlikely to me that any spirits would find their way to a museum thousands of miles away to do any haunting.

April 13, 2018

Friday The 13th

What do you think of when Friday the 13th comes?...does it fill you with dread or worry?...those of the superstitious ilk are weary of the date...for it has long been seen as a harbinger to misfortune and bad luck...there have been bad things that have occurred on this date such as a cyclone striking the country of Bangladesh in which over 300,000 people were killed among others...but if you did some research, most likely there aren’t any more negative things that happen on Friday the 13th...no more than most other dates, even though some claim different...many believe that it is a combination of ancient religious beliefs about Friday being a bad day..inauspicious events have transpired on Fridays...when you combine that with beliefs about the number 13 itself that were negative...maybe that's why we have the 12 days of Christmas, we have 12 astrological signs and so forth...even in these ‘enlightened’ times, 13 is still considered to be an unlucky number...by the way, fear of the number 13 is called triskaidekaphobia...fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia or, sometimes, friggatriskaidekaphobia.

April 11, 2018

A Parallel Universe

Sometimes, some people are said amusingly to be living in a parallel universe...that usually means they are difficult to converse with or understand...they may not be living or talking in a rational manner...they may seem as though they are living in their own world or universe...or at least rational according to the norms of society...technically, without getting too metaphysical in definition, it is a theory in which our universe is not the only one...instead it opines that many universes exist parallel to each other...these distinct universes within the multiverse theory are called parallel universes...side by side universes so to speak...there is also things known as parallel dimensions, parallel planes of existence, and so on...this I’m told is not the same as an alternate universe, but I’ll leave that to the experts...of course, it may not always be someone else who is in this type of situation...it could be us for there may be times in our lives, when we feel as though we are living in a parallel universe...we just don’t understand what is going on, not from an intellectual standpoint, but maybe from a moral standpoint for example...the last years have seen so much change...change that was thought of as improbable or even impossible not that long ago...and there are those that may not be in step with the changes...they may feel as though they are living in a parallel universe...their life is going one way and the rest of the world seems to be going in another.