October 20, 2017



There are those things in life that can be what is called bewitching…a beautiful woman…a special place…bewitching is defined as to cast a spell on and gain control over someone by magical powers...in some cases (usually a female) is said to have bewitched a man and this has caused him to act in a strange manner, thus friends and family may believe that he was ‘bewitched’ by the woman…although they may put it as ‘she put a spell on him’, or a hex or something that sounds more witchy if you will or exotic…or sometimes it may not have a negative meaning…such as they were bewitched by the house they looked at, or bewitched by a certain area that they fell in love with…as you might guess, the word bewitched comes from or is associated with ‘witch’, which conjures up all sorts of curses, hexes, or evilness…a witch of course is a female who engages in the practice of, and belief in, magical skills and abilities…a male is called a warlock…now the whole concept of witchcraft and the belief in its existence and power have persisted all throughout history...and not just among primitive cultures but in advanced cultures as well…witchcraft continues to have an important role in many cultures today…of course back in days of old in some cultures, one who was thought to be a witch often met a violent and untimely end.

October 18, 2017

Past Lives

People mentioning past lives are often greeted with a smirk or an eye roll…however there quite a few who claim that this is true…they can recall events that seem so personal yet never happened to them in their current incarnation…some even remember who they were in a previous life, and no, not everyone was Napoleon or some other famous figure…most people in western culture do not believe this… however billions of Buddhists and Hindus believe quite the opposite…also Greeks, Egyptians and others have for many thousands of years believed something totally different…they believe that existence is like a table that just keeps going unlike most here that believe in what could be called a cyclical view… one is born, lives, and then dies…others think that because nobody’s perfect, your soul is born again so it can achieve perfection…of course very few ever achieve such a thing, so the soul keeps being reborn and reborn, etc…not in another location or some type of sphere, but right here on earth…more and more people are beginning to accept or at least accept the idea that this may be very possible.

October 16, 2017

Animal PSI

Do animals have psychic ability, known as animal psi? Some might be quick to say no, but others believe that animals do have psychic abilities…cases have been reported for example of animals modifying their behavior…this sometimes happens at the time of their masters’ deaths…when a pet may die in sympathy…or in other scenarios, laying by a door or looking out a window when their master is approaching…this despite the animals having no ordinary sensory means of knowing when this event is about to take place…obviously, they can’t tell time…another far more powerful example is when cats or dogs have been known to journey hundreds of miles to an owners new home, when such animal has been left behind…although the animal has never seen the new home, and although tracking the owner or family through the usual mean of scent would seem to be impossible…in some cases, the pet will show up at the door of the new home…somehow, the animal has tracked down its masters…if the animal has received no human help in arriving at the new home, then perhaps it is a type of psychic ability that has allowed the animal to arrive at the new dwelling…there have been many cases of this happening, however not many have been documented and proven, although some have…how this has occurred, we do not know for sure, but we do know for sure that it has happened and it may be related to psychic ability.