March 20, 2018

Yoga (Discovering the Self)

Yoga is in its purest form, is a religious philosophy that originated in India many thousands of years ago and of course continues to be practiced advocates the use of various physical and psycho-spiritual techniques to lead a person to higher therefore it can be said that the purpose of yoga is spiritual development practices that are used to train the body and the mind to learn to self observe and become aware of their own nature…. yoga is designed to cultivate discernment, awareness, self-regulation and a higher consciousness within the India and other places, it is taken quite seriously...on that level, it’s a bit different than those going to a yoga class, stretching, and then stopping at Panera for soup and a sandwich afterwards...although, I’m sure there are those who do pursue a higher goal...there are many different forms of yoga that are practiced...most of these, at least in the western world in the heart of suburbia, often promote relaxation, stress reduction, and even is sometimes promoted as providing medical benefits as well...and pass on religious philosophies and historical data...although many benefit from the exercises, some injuries do occur and some people would be advised to skip trying to do sitting down in a chair...well, most will say that really isn’t yoga, but at least it is something...those who seek more than a good stretch see yoga as a meditative means of discovering incorrect also is seen as a release from suffering and promoting inner can raise the expansion of the consciousness and helping promote cohesiveness with everything and can one contemplate the impermanent as well as the well as a host of other high-minded can be a pathway to self-enlightenment...just don’t be one of those guys that practices yoga all day and smokes too much marijuana as someone once the way, June 21st has been designated as the ‘International Day of Yoga’.

March 18, 2018

Siberian Mystics

Siberia is often thought as a foreboding place...during the purges, undesirables who were lucky enough not to be killed, were often sent there...once there, they had to deal with brutal conditions...depending on what part of Siberia it was, it could be a death matter what, it was cold...permafrost was rampant...there are those that choose to live there...fishermen, trappers, etc...the trappers often have a plot of land that was given to them...usually by the old Communist Soviet government...trappers caught animals and were paid for them by the local recent times, they now work for is extremely hard work, but many of the trappers say they are happiest when they are spending the winter by huts that they constructed by themselves...they are almost entirely self-reliant, still using the old ways that they were taught by the men who came before them...only a few ‘modern’ conveniences are used...they enjoy the solitude, maybe they are most happy when they are by themselves...away from the government, no one telling them what to do or when to do television, no social media, not even a radio...the silence is a sauve that keeps them, the wilderness around them, the animals such as moose, bear, the sable that they are intent on catching...and even the cold, yes the cold that is reassuring like a warm hug or a cup of hot cocoa...the men are not totally by themselves...they are heavily reliant on dogs that assist them and keep them company during the long, cold days of winter where the sunlight is very limited...when the winter trapping is over, the men come back to the tiny village where their wives and friends wait anxiously for them each year...Rasputin was from a small town in Siberia called Pokrovskoye...he was an interesting, mystic’s been said that the woods there are full of them...and why not?...the weather can certainly drive a man towards reading and/or deep inner contemplation...and when one digs deep...who knows what can be found?...maybe by sitting around a fire, huddling from the extreme cold, a fire of another kind develops...the fire of that of a mystical nature...of looking into a dark sky and seeing thousands of stars and wondering how all this came about, and what your place you have in all of it...Siberia can be harsh, but it can also be a place of unspeakable beauty and peace...and yes, it is the birthplace of the Siberian Husky dog breed which is linked to northeastern Siberia.

March 16, 2018

The Evil Eye

The term ‘evil eye’ comes from the belief that some people are able to cause misfortune to others merely by glaring at them in a malevolent may seem silly to some, but there are talismans that are used to ward off an evil eye everybody gets a dirty look now and then, and sometimes we may even deserve it...but we usually think little of it and go on about our way...however in many places, belief in "the evil eye" is taken quite seriously, and requires immediate action to avoid any harm...the supernatural harm that may occur may come by way of a minor misfortune... or a serious disease, injury...maybe even something more sinister like death...but is it really possible that such ill will could be directed at someone by simply glaring at them?...can such a power be conjured up by a person and sent to the unfortunate receiver?...well, we sometimes can feel someone’s eyes on us...maybe at a party, or at’s an odd feeling but we simply know that someone is staring at us...we can just feel their eyes on given that line of thinking, why couldn’t someone send some kind of power the same way?...if you believe in the power of metta which is sending good thoughts and wishes to someone so that they may benefit, then the ability to send bad thoughts and wishes to someone surely is possible.

March 14, 2018


If it was/is possible, would you like to have contact with the dead? Spiritualism is the belief that some people have that the spirits of the dead have both the ability and the will to communicate with those among the living...this is usually done through a medium who has the ability to communicate with those on ‘the other side’...the afterlife as it is often referred to, sometimes known as the ‘spirit world’, is seen by those known as spiritualists, not as a stationary state, but as one in which spirits continue to evolve...these two beliefs, that contact with the spirits of the departed is possible, and that spirits are more advanced than mortal humans, lead spiritualists to a third belief, that spirits are capable of providing insight which can prove to be most useful...spiritualism developed and reached its peak in both popularity and growth in from the 1840s to the 1920s...mostly among the middle and upper class...there were many cases of fraud and hoaxes reported, but spiritualism remained popular...skeptics and believers abounded...about 100 years ago there was a spiritualist who in an experiment that was supposed to prove the existence of an afterlife, committed suicide...after that date however, no further communication from him was ever received by an associate whom he had hired to record his communication from the beyond...after the 1920’s, due to the movement of spiritualism splintering into different groups, and the associated hoaxes that had become commonplace, its popularity declined.

March 12, 2018


What is an illusion? is something that is or is likely to be interpreted or perceived wrongly by the senses...such as an optical illusion...we’ve all seen them in books and probably at least one time in our life experienced them...such as seeing a mirage like people crossing the desert...or maybe when you’re driving down a road on a sunny day and there appears to be water in front of you on the road...but when you get there the water has ‘magically’ disappeared...that always spooked me when I was a child...there are many ways an illusion car occur, it can be a natural illusion or something that is manufactured, usually with bad intent...hallucination, a figment of the imagination, the aforementioned mirage, an apparition, or other a sleight of hand trick, such as magicians perform... a deceptive appearance or can be something intentionally set up to give a false impression...sometimes, people are the victim of their own illusions about things...delusions might be more accurate in some can be one or a series of false ideas or beliefs...illusions can be harmless or fun, or they can be dangerous...if we understand why the illusion is taking place, we can keep from getting caught up in any web that it tries to trap us in.

March 10, 2018

Monster Hunters

Cryptozoology is a term that refers to the goal of those believers to prove the existence of entities from the fascinating tales of folklore...such things as Bigfoot or Chupacabras or the Loch Ness Monster, and other such entities that are rumored to be about...there are pictures that are said to be of some of those creatures, but they are often blurry...and the images are indistinct and ambiguous...the term can also pertain to animals that are considered to be extinct like as non-avian dinosaurs...and other kinds of creatures...because it does not follow any specific scientific method, cryptozoology is considered a pseudoscience by those who are rooted in the academic their ivy walled towers and behind their solid oak desks no doubt...cryptozoologists (that is those who work in the field) may use such devices such as motion sensitive cameras that are strategically placed in an attempt to record any actions...they also often use night vision equipment to catch any nocturnal wanderings, and audio recording equipment to document any sounds that the creatures in question may make...sometimes, cryptozoologists are scoffed at and referred to as ‘monster hunters’, but there are enough sightings of these mystery animals that are reported all over the world, that the pursuit of these things remain in the forefront of those who believe.

March 8, 2018

Prayer (Does It Work?)

There are many who believe in the power of prayer...but not all prayer is directed toward a deity as is usually the case...some people are surprised to learn that many Buddhists pray everyday...but why would they?...buddhists do not pray to a God, but they do have devotional meditation practices which could be compared to praying...radiating loving-kindness to all living beings is a practice which is believed to benefit those beings...for example, one may pray that all beings are blessed with happiness. It does not matter if no one else hears this prayer...the important part is that I hear it...if I perform a sincere prayer, this prayer practice helps to build and reinforce compassion within myself...prayer in Buddhism is not to anyone or is an expression of a is my understanding that the Tibetan word that is generally translated as "prayer" actually means literally "Wish Path."...a wish path is for expressing our intentions to benefit all beings by attaining Buddha-hood, or other enlightened activity...those who pray are not calling upon higher powers to affect this for us as much as we are calling upon our own minds to be open to such...prayers are more for the person that is doing them for the person that is "receiving" them...prayers can be very powerful, but such power does not come from outside solely comes from inside ourselves, namely from one’s is often called ‘metta’...Tibetan Buddhists often use prayer flags, flags that are prayed upon and then the wind takes the prayers from the flag and disperses them all over the in the religious world, does prayer really work?...sometimes things are prayer for and they occur...other times they don’t as some prayers are answered and the answer is no...there always seems to be a reason rationalized by some when that happens…”It’s in God’s hands”, or “God works in strange ways”...prayer seems to be hit or miss.