January 20, 2017


Now I just found a musical artist who is new and exciting…well, he’s not exactly new or terribly exciting…his name is Mantovani…or more formally Annunzio Paolo Mantovani…he was big in the 1950’s, long before the Beatles came along…some people might call it elevator music, but when it’s late and I’m writing or reading something, I like to put his music on…it’s calming…Variety magazine once called him "the biggest musical phenomenon of the twentieth century"…he died in 1980 largely forgotten by the public or respected by fellow musicians…it relaxes me, I like it.

January 19, 2017

Breaking New Ground

We see something that is happening before us…that’s when we are in the moment of experience…our mind immediately starts judging things, classifying and drawing conclusions…that is why it is so difficult to see things with fresh eyes…the mind has a muscle memory of sorts and thinks “Oh, that again”, or “Yes, I know this”…in order to learn anew, the mind must in a sense be disconnected…when this disconnection occurs, there is an awful good chance that new ground can be broken.

January 18, 2017

Eva Dugan

Eva Dugan is the only woman who has ever been hung in the state of Arizona…Dugan was a cabaret singer who started off in Alaska but made her way down to Arizona where she worked for a chicken rancher…she had five husbands and all five mysteriously disappeared…she spent time in prison for auto theft…after she got out, the ranchers decomposed body was discovered…Dugan was convicted of the murder and sentenced to die… she was a tough character who was said to be calm as she was taken to the gallows early on the morning of February 21, 1930…her hanging was botched and she was accidentally decapitated…her head rolled from the gallows to the feet of some spectators causing several of them (men & women) to faint…