May 24, 2017



It is claimed that ghosts usually come to communicate with people, not torment the people they come to visit. The shapes ghosts take can various from almost human to animals, spiral rings, haze, orbs, balls of light, rods or ribbons. Though they are usual seen in the 'white light haze' some ghosts can manifest in colors or rays of light. The colors depend on their frequency of the ghost. Animals it is said, are more aware of ghosts than humans are as they can see and hear in higher frequency than we can.

All ghosts are spirits that have lived in a physical form at some point. Their causes of death vary as does the reasons why they haunt specific places and people. Ghosts of pets and other animals have also been seen. Ghosts usually have personalities similar to what they had when they were alive.

Some of the most popular places they haunt are burial grounds, which should have been left untouched, cemeteries, places where there are strong magnetic fields, places of religious worship, caves, places where acts of violence occurred such as battlefields, ancient ruins, castles, and perhaps even in your home. Many people see ghosts of departed loved ones in their home.

Many people believe they have seen ghosts, but never tell anybody for fear of ridicule. This comes from fear and/or ignorance on the part of the observer or those around him/her. It is said that ghosts can make their presence felt through smell, hearing, or touch  Smell of course would be a scent associated with the spirit. For example, if the spirit smoked cigars while in a physical body, you might smell a cigar scent in the room. A tickling sensation on your body could be a kiss or a touch by spirit. Other ways are a pressure on top of your head, a chill on the back of the neck or head, hair standing up on your body, or a cold breeze passing through the room

Ghosts are said to also manifest via noise, for example, a spirit turns on an electric appliance. There could be rapping which include thumping, knocking, tapping or bumping. In ancient times rapping was thought of as an omen of approaching death. Ghost phone calls from a deceased soul have been reported, usually a family member. It may mean that the deceased soul wants to impart a farewell message. People who have received phone calls from the dead report that the voices are often exactly the same as when the person was living. The telephone rings normally but the connection has static. The voice of the deceased tends to grow fainter as the call progresses. Sometimes the voice fades away completely. In some very interesting cases the call is placed long distance and connected by an operator. Checking with the telephone company usually turns up no evidence of a call on their records. Ghosts are known to make an appearance when someone disturbs one of their, if you will, old ‘haunts’ could be merely a candlelight in an abandoned building or house...or it can be a full blown apparition...some ghosts are restless spirits searching for someone or some…thing...other times ghosts manifest themselves in an evil manner for the sake of scaring or even trying to kill the living person who dares to interrupt them...ghosts are known to inhabit houses and try to frighten people away...lights go on and off, footsteps can be heard, voices listened to...if you do encounter one of these ghosts, try to remember that they most likely distressed try to understand.

May 23, 2017

Horror Trifecta

I wrote previously of ‘Swan Lake’ being used in two horror films, ‘Dracula’ and ‘The Mummy’…well actor Edward Van Sloan had that beat…he was an American actor who appeared in mostly character roles and he hit the horror trifecta by appearing in the 1931 films ‘Dracula’ where he appeared as a vampire hunter and drove a stake through the heart of Dracula at the climax of the film…and he was a professor in ‘Frankenstein’ where he met his ancestors after the monster strangled him before he could dissect and destroy it…Van Sloan appeared as an expert in the Egyptian occult, Dr. Muller, in ‘The Mummy’ which came out in 1933…

May 22, 2017

The Sun and The Moon

The nature of the sun is to rise in the east and to set in the west…the moon waxes and wanes…sometimes we marvel at the brightness of the moon as we look at it…when there is a new moon phase, some may say that the moon isn’t out, but of course that isn’t true…the moon is out, it’s just that we can’t see it…it is there…sometimes the curtains have ears and the furniture has eyes even though we don’t see them…even if you think no one is looking, act like everyone is looking and play it safe…sometimes we are the moon that can’t be seen and that can be good or bad…of course there are no good or bad moons, just changing ones.