May 25, 2018

Getting Lost (and it's ok)

I think that we should get lost every day...when I say lost, I mean immersed...totally immersed in something, lost to the world...insulated from the outside can be in a variety of things...lose yourself in some fine music, nature, movies, dance yourself into a frenzy, spend the better part of the day in meditation or’s my opinion we aren’t going to miss much, and that which we miss might actually be good for we really have to know things before we start our day like the news commercials tell us?...what if we went a day or two or longer without hearing all the craziness that is going on in the world?...not listening to all the noise that society throws at us day after day...we might be blissfully ignorant, but at least we’d be blissful...there are enough people out there who are knee deep in the hoopla and enough that want to ‘make a difference’ that they aren’t going to miss us...we can take care of our mind and keep it from being buffered about by all the insanity...maybe that’s why some people are so interested in the’s a welcome diversion and relief of what a chore modern day life has become for many…get out of the oppressive heat and come into a place where it’s cool and dark and quiet... and your own little personal corner of the universe.

May 23, 2018

Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD)

Histrionic personality disorder, sometimes shortened to HPD, is defined as a personality disorder that can be characterized by a series and/or pattern of excessive emotions and can result in behavior that craves ‘look at me’ attention getting...the person  with this malady may have an excessive need for approval...these people are usually over-lively, overly dramatic, over-enthusiastic, and other words, their behavior is ‘over the top’ seems to affect women more than men for some reason...very little research has actually been done on is said that about 3% of the general population is affected by it…(although, it seems like a lot more)... people with HPD have an above and beyond need for attention from other people...they often will be quite boisterous (a.k.a. obnoxious)...they may wear suggestive or odd clothing in order to draw attention to themselves, they are prone to exaggerate their emotions, and have an intense desire for stimulation... sometimes they may exhibit sexually provocative behavior to get attention...they may also have egocentrism, which basically means they feel the world revolves around them...they may engage in self-indulgence to try to quench their never-ending desires...they may have a continuous longing for appreciation and are upset if they don’t get it,, and may behave in a way of persistent manipulative behavior...all in a way to get their wants met...such as “If you don’t come over, I’m going to kill myself!”...they may feign illnesses to get’ve probably known a few of these people in your personal lives...they may not be full blown cases, but they exhibit some of the symptoms...medication is usually ineffective in treating HPD...often psychotherapy is recommended as a way to overcome it.

May 21, 2018

Beleiving in Apparitions

Much has been written about apparitions...a.k.a. ghosts...those nefarious spirits that can’t rest...usually in a scary, or even an evil manner...there are as many ghost stories as they are...well, ghosts...if you believe in that kind of thing of course...why do people believe in ghosts?...why do they ‘see’ ghosts? it just an overactive imagination at work...or is it maybe a case of wishful thinking? is a fact that cultures all around the globe believe that spirits exist after death and that they live in the ‘spirit’ world...or some such euphemism...ghosts are among the most widely believed of any type of paranormal phenomenon...a poll done a few years ago indicated that over 40 percent of people who lived in the U.S.A. believed that ghosts do actually exist...why do so many like to believe in ghosts?...common sense and reason would dictate that no such thing could possibly occur, and many believe...I mean if someone is dead, how could it be possible that they could take some other form and somehow appear before us...the whole thing sounds crazy, yet...perhaps it’s just that in some cases we don’t want to let go...or maybe it’s the departed that don’t want to let go...and ghosts are not necessarily limited to the living, for reports of ghost ships, trains, and other inanimate objects have been logged as well...cemeteries are gathering places for those of the great beyond as one might expect, although a ghost could be encountered just about anywhere...ghost towns might be a place to find ghosts and that would make fact, there are quite a few ghost towns where people have claimed to see apparitions...people who call themselves ‘ghost hunters’ have gotten a lot of publicity with their quests to document actual ghost activity...but nothing has come of least nothing that proves ghosts do exist...maybe there’s such a thing where ghosts cannot be documented, but they do exist...something to think about the next time you see a strange light or form in that dark hallway you are about to go down.

May 19, 2018

Cotard Delusion

‘Walking Corpse Syndrome’ known by its scientific name of Cotard delusion is a very rare mental illness in which the person who has it has in their mind the delusional belief that they are already dead...hence ‘a walking corpse’...some patients have asked to be taken to a morgue...or else they may think that they do not exist at all...or even that their body is decaying and rotting away...they may think that all their blood has left their body, or even that their internal organs have vanished...the patient that has this particular type of this mental illness often times denies their own existence...saying that they really aren’t ‘there’...or that a portion of their body is gone...this occasionally strikes those with mood disorders or psychiatric issues...on occasion, this condition has resulted from a brain injury...this delusion exists in three stages...the first being what is referred to as the germination this beginning stage of the syndrome, the symptoms of psychotic depression and of severe hypochondria manifest...then there is the blooming stage which means that the full development of the syndrome and the delusions are in full force...and finally there is the chronic this stage, the delusions continue and is accompanied by chronic depression...this condition often results in the afflicted withdrawing from others...this condition of course results in a distorted sense of reality, thus resulting in a distorted view of the outside world... hallucinations are not required for a person with Cotard delusion...oddly enough, sometimes people with this illness sometimes feel as though they are immortal.

May 17, 2018

An Altered State Of Mind

Call it what you will, an altered state of consciousness, or an altered state of mind or mind alteration…call it what you want, but it is any condition which is significantly different from what the ‘experts’ call a normal waking beta wave state, whatever that is...I surmise that refers to a regular state of mind…in the stuffy world of academia, the expression was used as early as the mid-1960’s…the term describes changes in one's mental state, a deviation from the norm so to speak...these deviations are almost always temporary in nature, but not always…sometimes, some people will refer to an "altered state of awareness"…these altered states can be quite accidental in nature, or they may be intentionally produced...taking some medication which unknowingly causes this effect would be an example of an accidental change of state...sometimes during meditation, this can also take place...the use of drugs, something like taking LSD would be knowingly done to create an intentional altered state of consciousness allows one to go beyond...beyond what is normally experienced...beyond what is thought to be take in those find one’s self in a state of animation...a feeling of liveliness that one can’t find in the everyday...a spirit of vivacity that bubbles out like a ripple in a is touching another world, another plane.

May 15, 2018

Not Of This World

Some people are not of this world...they belong to something else, but they do belong...they are adrift in their own worlds...belonging to nothing and to no one but themselves...they are restless spirits on an endless flight as the song goes...they don’t fit in and they don’t try to...the term comes from the pages of the bible and is sometimes used in a religious sense...but that’s not what we’re talking about in this can be used in a different manner...other times, it literally means ‘not of this world’...different wavelength, different frequency, whatever...people of this ilk are often lost in a sea of confusion...not that they are the ones who are confused...sometimes on can have an understanding so profound, that they are misunderstood by society in general, even though they may have a very clear picture of what is going on...their insights are often not appreciated until they are no longer around...Helen Keller said that the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart...perhaps that’s how those kind of people live...with the heart...a heart that is pure and noble...and not with the mind that is contaminated with the toxins that society puts into it...of course this can place a lot of pressure on these ‘misfits’ as they often are labeled...and sometimes those who are not of this world see no choice but to leave this one.

May 13, 2018

A Psychosis Of The Mystical Kind

Mystical Psychosis...the term itself brings to mind a feeling of bizarreness...Mystical psychosis is a term that is used to characterize first-person accounts of rather strange experiences that are quite similar to reports of mystical experiences given by people…the ‘psychosis’ term, well that gets thrown in there by some to mean that such experiences just aren’t possible unless someone is having some sort of a psychotic episode…it’s true that some people in a psychotic state might give indications that they are ‘mystical’ but this is usually not the case and the term mystical psychosis may very well be true...a.k.a. the person who goes around claiming to be ‘God’ but of course isn’t…in a recent case, a young woman who was said to be on drugs, clawed her eyeballs out of her head in the belief that she would become closer to, she is blind for the rest of her life...a victim of a drug induced psychosis...but there are episodes where a rather ordinary person may experience a mystical episode where they are engulfed in ‘spirituality’ and a closeness to the source…these events may not be sought out at all but come to a person quite unexpected…they may see images that overwhelm their senses...sometimes these images are religious in nature or it can be totally un-religious…visions, voices, an ability to contact the dead, and telepathy have all said to have occurred during these ‘episodes’ as they’re called by some...or it could be something as simple as joy or an intense state of ecstasy have been reported…the subject will later calm down and usually be serene...stating that they felt a oneness with the universe...and that this feeling of oneness brought them a sense of though they could figuratively, reach out and touch God (if they are of the religious bent) and that somehow they have reached a spiritual wavelength that they believe connected them with God in some cosmic way…some scoff at this whole notion or rhapsody, but such a thing does mystics know.