June 26, 2017

Remote Viewing

The term remote viewing is defined as the practice of being able to ‘see’ impressions about an unseen object, usually at a distance…this is said to be accomplished using extrasensory perception (ESP) or being able to sense with the psychic mind...it is asked of the ‘viewer’ to give information about events, objects, or a person or even a location that is hidden from view and separated distance-wise... in the early days of occult and spiritualist literature, remote viewing was often called telesthesia and a type of travelling clairvoyance...how could this be done?...it has been described it as the ability to see remotely those hidden objects with what has been termed ‘the inner eye’…or it could be accomplished also via out-of-body travel.

June 24, 2017


Serendipity is defined as the ability to find good things by accident...and there are some people who seem to possess that ability...good things just seem to happen to them...even if some misfortune  comes along, they always seem to come out of it smelling like a rose...others seem to be followed around by a black cloud...a victim of the Murphy's law idea...is it just a matter of luck or is there something that goes beyond luck...some kind  of pre-ordained fate that makes such things happen?

June 22, 2017

The Journey of the Mountain Water

The snow from the moutaintops melts in the warm summer sun and glistens as it sometimes trickles and sometimes cascades down the mountain side to the valley below...as it does, it changes shapes and directions many times, but it always remains true to its nature...it is water and it is nothing less nor does it try to be anything more.. its form is pure and its journey is natural. 

June 20, 2017

The Room Of Death

In a military fort in Peru, there was a special room that was used hundreds of years ago to hold prisoners that had been captured in battle. The room was down a long dark corridor...there was a narrow doorway that opened to a narrow room...a room that contained no windows...only a small opening for ventilation.. dozens of unfortunates were herded inside of the room where they were forced to stand ...cramped and in darkness...the only way out was...to die...and they all did eventually...after a most unpleasant stay...and this has produced paranormal activities that go on to this day...caretakers of the fort have reported hearing moans and the occasional yell during the wee hours of the night...many of the caretakers have immediately left after hearing these sounds and never returned...and who could blame them?

June 17, 2017

Noises In The Night

Creaks and groans...things that go bump in the night...we've all heard those things from time to time and if we analyze them, we can usually come up with a rational explanation...a dripping faucet, the wind causing a tree branch to scrape against the side of the house or window, or just the moans of a house settling...but what about sounds that can't be explained so easily?...some people have reported laying in bed then having the spine tingling experience of hearing footsteps in the hall...shuffling closer and closer...petrifying the listener...or perhaps the person in bed actually has the courage to get up to see who or what it is...only to find an empty hallway upon looking...and no one likes a phone ringing in the middle of the night or even worse...a knock on the door or a doorbell ringing...who knows who that could be...waking you from a dead sleep...we all have our fears and we can usually put them aside...but sometimes they have a frightening way of showing up when we are least expecting them...sleep well my friends.

June 14, 2017

Ships That Have Sailed

In many lives, there are many missed opportunities...we look back and realize that ship has sailed...it has left the dock never to return...as we get older, we may rue things that coulda, shoulda, woulda happened but for what ever reason, they didn't...or maybe we never had the chance to pursue our dreams...you always hear those motivational speakers saying things like "do what you love"and that's fine in theory but it isn't always possible...for a variety of reasons, people may never have the chance...but what we have is what we have and that very thing is in front of us...it may not be what we wanted necessarily, but it is what it is...you know, if life hands you lemons, make lemonade...that kind of thing...tune out the bad and put your radio frequency on the good as much as you can...ships have sailed perhaps, and we may be sad we're not on board, but make the dock as pleasant as you can...

June 12, 2017

The Voice

A man had moved to Seattle to start a new job. He had no family or friends in the area. He was sitting in his small, studio apartment after eating a frozen dinner yet again, and he began feeling incredibly sorry for himself because he felt so alone and unhappy…he said to himself, "I'm so tired of this; I’ve always been so unlucky in life!"… then a mysterious booming voice rang out that seemed to come from nowhere said “You are extremely lucky!”…it startled him, but he began to contemplate his circumstance…he began to think of the good things that had happened to him…maybe his life wasn’t so bad after all…perhaps his situation was not because of being ‘unlucky’ but by his own doing… Even though he wasn’t that good, he joined a bowling league and made some friends… he volunteered with a group and overall, just got more involved with things around him…no longer did the man feel unlucky...maybe he just needed to be told that by that ‘mysterious’ voice