March 23, 2017

Mystical Psychosis

Mystical Psychosis is a term that came to light in the early 1970s to characterize first-person accounts of strange experiences that are quite similar to reports of mystical experiences given by people…the ‘psychosis’ term seems to have been attached by those ‘non-believers’ to mean that such things aren’t possible unless someone is having a psychotic episode of some kind…I would disagree with that opinion…there is quite a difference in my view between mysticism and psychosis…I think we can all agree on that…now granted, some people in a psychotic state might seem ‘mystical’ but this is not the case and the term mystical psychosis may very well apply…but there are episodes where a perfectly sane person may experience a mystical episode…these events may not be sought out at all but come to a person quite unexpected…they are taking that step beyond if you will…a gift from the divine we might say…a first episode of this ‘mystical psychosis’ is often very frightening to the subject…it may be quite distressing, most likely because it is an unfamiliar experience...they may be filled with powerful imagery…sometimes these images are religious in nature or it can be totally unreligious in nature…things such as visions, voices, contact with the dead, telepathy or something as beautiful as joy or ecstasy have been reported…later, the subject may become calmer when experiencing this state or ‘psychosis’ as some would say...some people have relayed that they felt a oneness with the society around them, or with the entire world, or even the universe…a oneness that brought joy, elation, or some other positive emotion to them…some have said that they felt closer to God, as though they could figuratively, reach out and touch God, and that somehow they have reached a wavelength that connected them with God in some form…some have said that they have even been able to talk to God directly…what a tremendous feeling this must be…now, some people pass this off as merely a psychotic state of some sort and totally unbelievable…perhaps as mental illness…but why wouldn’t such a thing be possible, at least for some? Can these mystical experiences be so easily dismissed? I think not but that is the nature of our society isn’t it?…I believe these states are possible and have been experienced by people…should we be so close minded that we disbelieve? Mystical experiences are very difficult for some to believe…especially in the world of the academia…but I think you’d have to agree that we all have a little mystic in us so why shouldn’t we think that these types of things are possible?...undoubtedly, there are a few people who can channel their mystical abilities better than others…they can bring forth their power to immerse themselves in the mystical and experience the wonders of it….the mystics among us know.

March 22, 2017

I Don't Know

A visiting scholar went to the old temple to find out all he could about the Dao. He had heard many great things about the master who lived there. He was escorted to see the master. “Good, now I’ll find out something’ he said. Upon meeting the master, he quickly demanded answers. “What is this Dao all about? Why is it so great?” The master said “I’m not really sure. I couldn’t tell you.” The scholar became both disappointed and enraged. “What do you mean you don’t know? I was told you were the wisest one here! Who are you?” asked the visitor. The old master said “I don’t know.”

March 21, 2017

Aura Reading

What do you know about Aura reading?...I suspect more than you think you do…aura reading is defined as the ability to perceive the different type of energy fields that surround people, places and things…it supposedly is a luminous radiation that surrounds a person or object like a halo or aureola…now tests as to whether someone could actually ‘see’ such a thing have been a hapless failure…I suspect abilities to see an aureola are quite limited, however, there is no doubt that many times do we meet someone who has a ‘positive energy’ about them…I’m not just talking about them having an engaging personality, but just having a positive ‘glow’ about them that could rub off on those who were receptive…or perhaps someone had a ‘negative energy’? energy that said ‘leave me alone’ or was perhaps even sinister in nature…I’m sure you have felt that way about somebody at one time or another…so you see you have participated in an Aura reading.