December 28, 2007


Today, I relate this story to you...There was a student and his master. The student studied very hard in order to please his teacher. After one month, the student told the master, "I feel an expansion of consciousness and experience oneness with the universe." The master looked at him with a blank expression.

The second month, the student said "I have discovered that the Divine is present in all things." The master seemed disappointed.

The third month, the student proudly proclaimed "No one is born, no one dies, for the self is not." The master threw up his hands in despair.

The master did not see the student again for a year. Finally, he came one day and the master inquired as to his progress. "I am just trying to live my life. As for progress, I couldn't care less!

The master replied "Thank heavens, you've got it at last!"

This story demonstrates the Zen teaching of everything being perfect as it is. Things come and go, all in due time.