April 2, 2009

True Character

A true person of the Tao is one who does not do anything wrong or act foolishly when he is alone, i.e. when there is none to see him and either praise or blame him.
Lao-Tzu developed the concept of Yin and Yang to explain that all things have two aspects. Both are necessary so that harmony can be achieved through seeking a balance of Yin and Yang energies. Examples of Yin and Yang are hot and cold, bright and dark, male and female.

This theory is demonstrated in the Taoist symbol comprised of an outer circle representing the universe. The circle is divided into a Yin division (black) and a Yang division (white) with the curved line separating the divisions indicating a state of flux (Qi) with a smaller circle of Yin in the Yang division and Yang in the Yin division.