August 13, 2010

Thrill Of The Kill

All creatures of Tao are one with us. There is no life that is insignificant. They breathe the same air as we, share the same Mother Earth. There is plenty of nourishment on the planet to sustain life for all. Most wise to learn to sustain the body in ways that all creatures may live without unnecessary harm. I had an uncle who was quite proud of his hunting skills. In his remote cabin, he had many of his ‘kills’ mounted on the wall with great pride.

In days of old, man killed animals in quest for food, not knowing better. Now we should all know better yet hunting remains popular hobby for many. Why is this so? Is thrill of killing that strong? The taking of an innocent life? Life most precious. There is no sport in such endeavors. Even those today who boast of eating what they kill lack justification for their actions. There is no need to kill on your own to eat anymore. Are not the grocery stores already filled with enough death?

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