September 27, 2010

The Army of Tao

Battles are constantly being fought in the mind. The mind is similar to a battlefield where the armies of right and wrong clash. Embracing the path of the Tao is like enjoying a peace treaty that allows us to live in harmony. In order to achieve this, we must use the right strategy.

Simply wishing for peace not good enough. There are many generals who led troops into battle without proper strategy and thus suffered terrible defeats. Robert E. Lee’s order of Pickett’s charge near the end of the battle of Gettysburg during the American civil war was an act of desperation Desperation often causes people to seek out remedies that do not work.

To be in sync with the wisdom of the Tao is the only way to find everlasting peace. It is a sure victory over the forces that seek to defeat us. The Tao is the ultimate weapon. It renders all armies obsolete. It wins without fighting, for the best soldier is the one that does not need to resort to violence.

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