September 20, 2010

The Greatest Riches

We are all blessed with the ability to enjoy great riches. Not monetary, but more important ones. The ability to experience Tao and all its wonders. Riches of material ilk are often squandered away, lost or feverishly protected. The material have a way of de-materializing. How valuable are pieces of gold or silver if the mind is tarnished? A tarnished mind cannot shine with wisdom of Tao.

A rich mind finds value in the simple, the true, and the virtuous. A fortune can be made by those who seek the path of Tao. The ability to flow with the current, let softness overcome the hardest, to find an alternative as water finds when a stone blocks its path. Those are true riches.

The mind that craves material richness finds itself under attack. It cannot rest for it must hunt at all times for its next prey. Even when caught, prey like meal at Chinese restaurant; Satisfying only for short time and then hunger returns. How can there be peace when battle rages within?

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