September 25, 2010

The Hidden Weakness

Sometimes seemingly ultra strong can be held together by mere brittle stick. It may not be outside strength of others that defeats him, but weakness inside he cannot comprehend or master. It is said in Tao Te Ching that greatest conqueror conquers not others but himself.

Seemingly sturdy dock can be washed away by single wave from angry ocean. Dense forest can be decimated by single spark that causes massive brush fire. Seemingly strong leaders of mighty countries can be eradicated with single shot by one person who hatched plan in their lonely bedroom.

The stick most likely is not apparent to naked eye. It takes careful study of opponent to find their weakness externally. Internally, stick may not be apparent to even one who possesses it. That is why we should closely examine our own weaknesses so that we may shore them up with teachings of ancients so that our stick is flexible in winds of trouble and not brittle and ready to snap.

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