September 24, 2010

An Inconvenient Tao

Virtue often dies where interest lies. Oaths, vows, and commitments sometimes are thrown out a window when a door to great riches appears. Of course, these are not real riches, merely mirage of happiness. It takes a person with the strength of a mighty mountain to maintain their place. Those are times when we must remember vividly the teachings of the Tao and our place on the path.

Sometimes, people often ‘convenient’ Taoists or Buddhists. These are kind of people who follow path as long as it does not get in way of something they want. These types of people can be found in probably every religion. They look for loopholes to explain away their straying. Tao teachings often become inconvenient truth. Those who wish to attain oneness must practice undiscriminating virtue.

I have had students who in times of trouble have come to me with great interest in bettering their lives with the wisdom of Tao and I have always been happy to help them. When things turn for better, I have found many that cease walking the Way. It becomes familiar pattern when later they return suffering from same ailments as before and once again express desire for teachings to once again abandon them when things are going good once again. The cycle continues. Happily, some see the cycle and make concerted effort to break it and reside in ways of Tao permanently.

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