September 17, 2010

A Mirror

Sometimes you will hear about somebody wanting to find themselves, or advice is given to ‘be yourself’. If we think about this, we realize it really is not possible to do such a thing. From the time we are born, parents, siblings, friends, teachers, and later even co-workers influence who we become. A soup cannot be a soup unless the ingredients are added. Likewise, a person cannot be the person they are without outside ingredients.

A mirror reflects what it sees. In the same way, our personality is a reflection of others personalities. A child of impatient parents will most likely be an impatient child because they ape their parents behavior. So there is no true self-personality. Therefore how can we find ourselves? We are a composite of all that has surrounded us and surrounds us to this day. That is why we often find people changing over time.

Of course this must not be used as an easy out for less than respectable behavior. We can not simply blame others for our faults or problems. Even though we are made up of these composites, it is up to us to manage them correctly. You get rid or marginalize what you do not want and emphasize what you do like. Therefore we do not really find ourselves, but we find those traits we desire inside the mind and then hopefully do a good job of managing them. Let your mirror reflect peace and tranquility.

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