September 29, 2010


The ancient Taoists had very simple minds. They were uncluttered. They lived very simply without all the hesitations the modern person has today. They knew the difference between right and wrong. They knew and they acted accordingly.

Today, we have political correctness, a blurring of lines, a confusion over even the easiest of matters. We have focus groups, discussion groups, panels, committees, and alike to try to figure out what to do and when that decision is reached, it is often so muddled that it is not the right one.

Man is the most intelligent creature on the face of the earth, but also makes the most foolish decisions. Our minds are full of clutter, useless pieces of information that do nothing but clog up the pipes of insight. We are scared, frightened little rabbits who seek solace in the things that contain no ability to give us peace. If only we could simplify our minds, our lives, our existence here would be one of great harmony.

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