September 25, 2010

What You Absorb

There are certain medicines that when used properly have great healing qualities. These are same medicines that when used improperly can cause great suffering, pain and/or death. Key to using these medicines is knowing how exactly to use same. Not knowing can bring disaster.

Roots of tree are what gives life to it taking in water and nutrients from surrounding soil. However, a root is innocent. It drinks whatever is near. Same root that takes in life giving water can also absorb poison which can kill tree. In this, we have the advantage of being able to reason as to what we choose to absorb. Too often, people do not pay attention to what they are absorbing and wind up paying large price for such an act.

As with all things of nature, things can be used by one for good or evil, for benefit or harm. Study what your roots absorb carefully for difference of life and death can sometimes be measured in blink of eye.

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