October 28, 2010

Here And Gone

The past cannot be kept, the present not held, the future not caught, however desirable. Yet we spend so much time trying to do same. The world changes nanosecond to nanosecond. Does it seem wise to think we can hold on to what slips away so quickly? If we choose to just be, just be in the present, experience the moment in all its presence, we can find peace.

The past can be pleasant to think about or it can hand like dark cloud over our heads raining on us again and again. What has happened has happened and we cannot change such. Living in the past robs what can be gained in the present. Learn from mistakes of past and let the pain of them go.

The future is unpredictable no matter how much we plan for it. A single movement of fate disrupts the best thought out plans. We can spend too much time worrying, planning, fearing, or anticipating what most likely will not be as we think it will be.

Trying to keep things the way they are is futile. The wave that wets your feet is here and then gone. You cannot keep it around you for long. Present moment like most elusive butterfly that escapes net that seeks to imprison it.

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