October 11, 2010

Open To All

Gentle doe drinks from river, so can escaped convict. Sun of Tao shines on all, not just selected few. In order to be harmonious with ways of Tao, all things must be embraced, not just what is pleasing to mind.

Greet beggar as you would king. Share with all. Plenty of Tao to go around. If mighty sun of universe shines on all, who are we to discern? How is the man with ground for bed and stars for blanket any less noble than man who confines himself to luxury? I say he is more noble. He knows freedom. He knows not to let himself be caught in the trappings of everyday life. The path is open to all. The man in rags is as welcome as man in expensive clothes.

Thief is as welcome as the saint. There are no requirements other than the devoted effort to become one with universe. Oneness with Tao knows no minimum incomes, educational degrees, or other status symbols.

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