October 10, 2010

Too Simple

Today, man dismisses the simple as too simple. He complicates what should not be complicated. If something is so simple, how the can the human ego feel any pride at understanding? Man acts like rooster who thinks sun comes up just to hear him crow. The ego gets in the way of true wisdom.

Man puts 2 + 2 together and comes up with answer bigger than national debt.
Verse 70 of Tao Te Ching tells us the Tao is easy to practice and understand, yet no one practices or understands it. Man takes crystal clear water and stirs up mud and sediment in trying to ‘improve’ things. We surround ourselves with books and teachers who often get in way of true connection with Tao.

When tired sleep, when hungry eat, when thirsty drink. Breathe in Tao, live in harmony. There are no secrets, no passwords. The Tao is reaching out its hand to you.

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