October 23, 2010

Under The Shade Of The Trees

Please stop resisting, hating, judging, contesting of all things and just be. Stop trying to satisfy some artificial benchmark. Be natural and one with Tao. A mountain does not resist the snow that covers it or the sun that warms it. A river does not hate the leafs that fall into it. The ocean does not judge those who wade into it. Strip away the negative chi and emphasize being in touch with harmonic balance of world. If we are just to be, there is no need to be anything else.

As famous man once said, let us cross over the river and rest under the shade of the trees. The side that is peaceful, beautiful, tranquil. The shade of the Tao that cools us in an overheated world. Throw away chains that keep you enslaved by the artificial, the people who seek to rule you with their devices. Tao can set one free; free to be one with all and all with one.

You cannot have peace when fighting, you cannot love when hating, you cannot be impartial to all if judging. If you are yourself, you do not need to be anyone else. Be true to yourself and you do not have to remember the lies. Be natural and one with Tao. That is all that you need to do. Everything else is superfluous.

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