December 25, 2010


If you look up at the sky, you can usually find clouds. If you watch them long enough, you will see that clouds are constantly changing shapes and formations. Some drift one way, some another, some are high, some are low, some are white, some are gray. Clouds change all the time but no one really thinks anything about it. Clouds are much like noble Tao. Tao always changing, shapes forming and re-forming. Yet for some reason, this bothers many people. People want to hold on to Tao, hold on to present moment perhaps. This is not possible no more than a cloud maintaining its exact shape for very long. Even though a cloud changes its appearance, it is still a cloud. Even though Tao changes its appearance, it is still Tao. We do not think much about clouds, they are always with us. We do not need to worry about Tao going anywhere either.

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