December 17, 2010

Sad World

Sometimes world is sad. Baby cries when born, and often life proves baby right. Some sadness is unavoidable but much sadness is brought on by ourselves. Most unfortunate decisions now create sadness later. This is what karma is about.

If we are to have happiness in world, happiness must be balanced out by sadness. If all we had was happiness, how could we appreciate it? Tao made up of opposites, dark and light, good and evil, happiness and sadness. People often lose sight of this. Some people expect happiness to be everlasting, some people think sadness is everlasting.

Remember every fence has two sides. One may be more pleasing than the other but there is no separating them. Take joy in one, and take gracefully the other. That is how we promote inner peace. Accept the yin and yang in all things and life will be much easier proposition.

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