December 6, 2010

Taking Tea

Theories about afterlife like fingerprints, everybody has them. Almost all offer no proof, only faith. Tao offers proof. Decay and renewal. Yin and yang of life and death. If entire universe operates on same, why would human life be any different? Do we think we are somehow superior and same would not apply?

Tao is impartial to all. No need to be ‘good’ to receive anything special. Of course if superstition and false belief can keep people in line, then there is something to be said for it. Most things created by man are faulty. This is true of religions and philosophies. Tao not philosophy. You can look around and see it in action. It is not just something dredged up in the mind of insignificant man.

Once, A monk asked the master: “How are you when death arrives?” The master replied: “When served tea, I take tea. When served a meal, I take a meal.” His answer indicates that death was nothing different then receiving something ordinary. No hand-wringing, no clinging. He did not share his theory, he merely was at peace with the inevitable.

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