January 4, 2011

Anything In The World

Once, I had honorable job as teacher in elementary school. One assignment I gave out to third grade class was asking what they would be if possible to be anything in world. After twenty minutes, we reviewed answers. Several children wrote how they would like to be richest person in world so they could buy expensive car, house, clothes, and much more. They had already been infected with societal disease of greed.

One girl wrote how she would like to be a dog so that she could run around all day and play and jump over things. Some other children had similarly innocent desires. They had not yet been touched by the evils of what our culture and country find so appealing. I was very touched to hear such innocent voices. It appeared at third grade, that there was some separation occurring. Some children still with innocent thoughts, others already plotting on accumulating possessions which in time would possess them. I was sad to thing that all too soon, that innocence held by some of the children would be beaten out of them by never ending onslaught of media telling us more is more. Those who are one with Tao can keep or rediscover this innocence. In this innocence can be found great wisdom.

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