January 1, 2011

Flight Rules

The Tao does not come and go like undependable friend. It is always present everywhere, just like honorable sky overhead. When we are with Tao, we soar over the clouds. We have clarity and vision. It is peaceful up there. We float above all of the chaos, just gliding peacefully without turbulence. When we are with the Tao to paraphrase from a song, we fly so high, swoop so low, know exactly where we are going to go. We have completeness. If you let your mind become clouded like overcast sky, you will have trouble seeing anything. Pilot who cannot see airport from sky has electronic equipment to find same if he is trained to use it. If he can only fly by VFR (Visual Flight Rules), he risks crash. Pilot who is IFR rated can use instruments of plane to guide plane safely back to ground. Tao much like IFR.(Instrument Flight Rules). It can help us ’see’ through cloudy and/or stormy weather. We can use it to quiet the mind and let instruments of Tao do work for us. Almost all misery is created by most unfortunate activities of mind. If we can quiet chatter of mind, runway of Tao can be viewed.

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