January 3, 2011

The Greatest Provision

Day to day life often like climbing difficult mountain. Very steep and challenging and often leaves us in thin air which makes us struggling to breathe. Sometimes it is the most beautiful of things that bring the greatest peril. Dangerous crevices often lurk under most pristine snow, tempting us to walk across them. Other times, danger is in falling ice from above that can knock climber down mountain. Of course, there is always danger of avalanche burying us under tons of snow. We must also fight frigid temperatures that threaten to cause us great harm. If we set up base camp and bring right supplies, climb can be made easier. Making sure one has wisdom of Tao great help. It is the rope and crampons that helps us scale the mountain and keep us from sliding off into peril. It is the oxygen tank that keeps us breathing normally and our body from suffering. It is the bridge that prevents us from falling. It is what brings calm and serenity and prevents avalanche. It warms us with its truth. Having knowledge from Tao in backpack most valuable provision to have.

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