May 28, 2011

The Positive Negative

When something positive happens in our life, there is sure to be a negative within. When something negative happens, there is sure to be a positive within. When we experience a positive, we should be seek out what may be negatives. We may not want to do this but it is important. The joy of an expensive sports car may come with higher insurance rates, a fear it may be stolen or damaged, or careless driving. A negative experience can bring with it a chance to learn from it, or indirectly a good experience resulting from it. The job you do not get may lead to the job that is even better. The downsized, out of work former employee may find another field he or she enjoys more, perhaps a chance to do something they always dreamed of. There is the old story of the prized horse that ran away. The young man who owned it was distraught. “Oh what bad luck!“ he said. Then the horse returned. “Oh what good luck!“ he shouted. Then one day while riding, he fell off the horse and broke his leg which seemed bad. Days later a marauding army came by looking for young men to be soldiers. Seeing his broken leg, they left him alone. Do not get too high or too low for fortune is often disguised as misfortune and vice-versa.

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