June 10, 2011


Edvard Munch has long been considered as Norway's greatest artist. Munch came from an unstable family but an aunt who was a painter encouraged Munch as a young boy to paint. He created art that centered on the psychological torment that the individual in the modern world may feel. Munch was an artist who was representative of the Symbolist decade. Often this art manifested itself on the tragic, the neurotic, and death. In his most famous work, "The Scream," long, wavy lines seem to carry the echo of a tormented scream into every corner of the canvas. In 1908, a severe nervous breakdown from alcohol and overwork forced Munch to return to Norway for the rest of his days.

In life, we may want to scream at some of the things we encounter. Some days it seems that the entire world is against us and all the 'breaks' are going against us. Some psychologists advocate scream therapy. However, no matter how much you scream, your problems will still be there when you quiet down. Learn to use the teachings of the Tao to diffuse and/or navigate around your problems and there will be no need to scream.

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