October 24, 2016

Watch For Motorcycles

I always see those bumper stickers that say ‘Watch for Motorcycles’…seems most of the motorcyclists I see oughta be watching out for themselves…darting in and out of lanes, speeding, driving recklessly…most of them drive like nuts…I guess they have that ‘it can’t happen to me’ philosophy…I’ve had a dozen friends who have gotten hurt on motorcycles…some accidents were just minor, a few others weren’t so lucky…I had a friend who went through the back of a hatchback car…known now as ‘Scarface’…another friend slammed into the back of a tractor trailer…lost a leg, had severe internal injuries…yet another broke his neck…they were all driving too fast or too wild…so yes, watch for motorcycles, but motorcyclists…have some personal responsibility when driving.

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