November 19, 2016

They're Coming For You

What if they were evil?...those beings coming from somewhere…aliens or extra-terrestrials, or whatever name we gave them…a long distance voyage from here…what if they came here to get us? take over and rule the third planet from the sun…the planet called Earth? wipe us out of existence? wouldn’t matter what we called them…what if they saw us as the enemy?...or saw us like we see some bug on the sidewalk, to be walked over to and stepped on? be our worst nightmares as they track us down…maybe they would be in the form of some kind of cybernaut from the old TV series ‘The Avengers’ that would be on a mission to kill us?...they would have only one thing on their mind…our destruction…something that was unstoppable…that would truly be horrifying…we would be here…helpless little beings knowing that we were doomed…all that we knew or thought we knew would be useless…all our daily activities would be trivialized in moments…it’s terrifying to think about…and yes, it’s a billion or gazillion or whatever you’d call it to one odds wise…but it is possible…the whole human race would be wiped out…of course the Dao would go on…but our little collection of mongoloids would forever be wiped from the earth…how would history remember us, if it remembered us at all for that matter?...probably as a group that failed to take advantage of our time here…a group called ‘people’ that failed miserably at most things…and destroyed the very thing that gave us life…the earth itself…a group that had some outstanding lifeforms but had too many that couldn’t get out of their own way…or wanted to get in the way of others for their own benefit…such a pitiful existence and waste of opportunity.

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