November 18, 2016

Would They Be Friendly?

I wonder what they would be like if they came from outer space…some other kind of beings…or maybe in some robotic form…would they be like what we see in the movies and on TV? with pointy heads and funny eyes…I’m guessing not…it wouldn’t matter much what they looked like to me, not at all…I’d like to think that maybe they would be wise, kind, and generous, and good of nature…not like The Kanamits from an episode of The Twilight Zone that had a hidden agenda…they came from space and pretended to be our friends…only to trick people into going to their planet where the Kanamits could eat them…that is one of my favorite episodes of that show…but in this case, maybe they wouldn’t have the capacity to hate or judge, or look down on others…or have some kind of agenda other than helping us…maybe they would treat everyone equally well and would do all they could to help us…maybe they could teach us to be the same…to share, to love, to be magnanimous…I would think that they if they had seen a glimpse of our life, they might be frightened to come here…and who could blame them?...humans have the potential to do so much good…and some do…but most don’t…and some are counterproductive…I wonder what makes some people that way…probably a variety of factors…maybe they weren’t brought up right…or maybe some folks are just evil by nature…I kinda feel like we need someone or something to step in and right things…and what makes people feel so smug that we’re the only ones in the universe?...there are probably more universes out there and it’s not beyond the possibility that there is life elsewhere…maybe much more advanced than we are…maybe they’re on their way now…I sure hope so.

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