December 28, 2016

Black Jack Ketchum

Thomas Everard Ketchum known as Black Jack, was a cowboy who later turned to a life of crime…he was involved in numerous train robberies and murders…he joined the infamous Hole in the Wall gang and when he wasn’t robbing, he worked on several ranches…Ketchum was involved in a shootout with a posse but escaped, although with injury…later in an attempted train robbery, he was shot in the arm with a shotgun by one of the train crew…he was found by a posse the next day and taken to town where his arm was amputated…after he regained his health, he was tried and sentenced to death by a court… his last words were reported as being; "Good-bye. Please dig my grave very deep. All right; hurry up.”…it is said that the people of Clayton, New Mexico had no experience in hanging and botched Ketchum’s hanging…a heavy sandbag was that was used to test the rope was left tied to the rope and during the process of the actual hanging, Ketchum was decapitated…

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