December 2, 2016

Staying Home From School

I remember being a kid and staying home from school when I was sick…this meant I got to see the early morning cartoon shows…for some reason, on the local channel they would throw in the daily farm report from the Chicago Board of Trade…this programming decision made no sense at all since most of the people watching the show were probably 11 and under…they’d talk about hog futures and pork bellies…they’d give the price of June corn futures…and soybeans…sure didn’t make any sense to this 11 year old kid…and even now it don’t make no sense to me…it’s funny I remember that all these years later…staying home also meant plenty of 7-up and some toast followed by an afternoon nap…7-up was always the medicine of choice around our house for colds…not sure how it started but I still follow that regimen to this day…maybe we got the idea from my grandfather who advocated a shot of whiskey for anything…cold?...shot of whiskey…flu?...shot of whiskey…broken arm?...shot of whiskey…it didn’t’ matter what you had…I’d be lying if I said I didn’t combine those methods sometimes for my problems these days.

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