August 12, 2017

It's In The Eyes

It's In The Eyes

Many changes take place in the human body that is gradually dying in the weeks, days, or hours before actual death occurs…these can be changes to what one likes to eat, an increasing weakness of the body, and sleepiness, as well as visual or hearing changes just to name a few…sometimes it’s the eyes…the eyes will be the giveaway that death is near…the eyes will seemingly cloud over in a dying person as though they are concentrating on something…seemingly oblivious to what is around them…other times, there is no disputing that the eye color of certain people will become intense just hours before their death…pale blue eyes will become a bright, sharp blue in color...I recall this happening with a loved one just before she died…there have even been bizarre cases where for example, the very color of one’s eyes will change dramatically…for example, patients with brown eyes will inexplicably have green eyes shortly before death…doubters will doubt, but there are those that have seen it happen and they know that it is true.

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