One Sentence Tao Te Ching

1   The Tao that we speak of is not the Tao
2   Within every yin, there is yang and within every yang, there is yin
3   The 'beautiful' path often leads to an ugly destination
4   Drink from the endless frosted glass of the Dao
5   What is, is
6   Let the Tao within you flow naturally
7   The sage ignores non essential desires, thus finds contentment
8   The sage contends against no one, therefore none contend against him
9   A teacup filled to the brim easily spills, know when to say when
10 Realize the world, and you have embraced the Way
11 Existence and non-existence are intertwined
12 The sage provides for the need, not for the senses
13 The sage is the tree neither bent by the winds of praise or criticism
14 Reached for, it cannot be grasped, listened for, not heard, looked for, not seen 
15 A sage has an understanding so profound, he himself is not understood by others
16 Accepting decay and renewal brings wisdom, denying it brings suffering
17 The will of a great leader is indistinguishable from those he leads
18 Where there is balance there is the Tao
19 Seek out virtue, live in simplicity
20 The detached sage seeks accord with the detached Tao
21 The sage understands that the manifestation of virtue results from following the Tao
22 Accept and become whole and the whole world is your home
23 A downpour does not last all day, why should the words of man?
24 Harmony avoids behaviors that are indulgent or wasteful
25 The Tao bonds itself to the laws of nature
26 Calm is the master of anxiety
27 A good traveler leaves no footprints
28 By using yin and using yang, one perfects harmony
29 Try to change the Tao and you will fail
30 What is contrary to the Tao does not endure
31 The sage only uses weapons when there is no other alternative
32 The way is shaped by use then the shape is lost, do not become attached to shapes
33 He who conquers himself is the greatest warrior
34 The way ebbs and flows creating and destroying
35 The sweetest music is the silent song of the Tao
36 Things must act according to their nature, and not to an extreme
37 Nature does not possess desire, the person who possesses no desire is tranquil
38 Ritual is only the outer clothing of true belief
39 Do not seek to be the rare gem nor settle for the commonness of a grain of sand
40 Shape clay into a vessel, it is the space within that gives it value as emptiness begets usefulness
41 There are three types of students the diligent, the common, and the inferior
42 In every gain, there is loss in every loss, there is gain
43 Water overcomes the stone as it requires no opening
44 Clinging comes at great cost, contentment comes at no expense
45 Action overcomes cold, tranquility overcomes heat
46 There is no greater mistake than following desire
47 The beginners mind has many possibilities, the experts mind has few
48 Wisdom is discarding a piece of knowledge every day
49 The sage is good to all and does not possess a fixed mind
50 The man full of life leaves no place for death to enter, or for the rhino to thrust its horn
51 Without possessing, expecting or forcing, the sage lives in peace
52 Decrease involvement and you will be more involved in peace
53 Following the main road of the Tao is easy, yet so many choose difficult paths
54 Cultivate harmony within yourself, seek to understand others
55 Drive yourself to be in harmony with one and all
56 Limit judgments and words smooth differences, forgive disagreements
57 One can often accomplish much by doing nothing
58 Misfortune often hides behind fortune, fortune lurks within misfortune
59 Restraint builds harmony
60 Follow the path of the Tao and you shall have nothing to fear
61 Yield and overcome like the gentle water
62 When a man falls do not abandon him, when he has power do not honor him
63 Deal with the difficult while it is still easy
64 A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step
65 It is difficult for knowledgeable people to live naturally
66 In order to be above one must first be lower
67 Compassion, frugality, and humility are three treasures
68 A good soldier is not violent, a victor is not vengeful, a fighter not angry.
69 Do not misunderstand your problem
70 The Tao is easy to practice and understand, yet no one practices or understands it.
71 A sage must know his limitations
72 One can not lose anything if one has nothing to lose
73 The way of the Tao wins easily without struggle
74 If one is not fearful of death than death can not threaten them
75 Do not seek to fulfill your own agenda
76 In the spirit of Tao, softness and tenderness are attributes of life
77 To give away what you do not need is to follow the Way
78 Weakness will gradually prevail over strength
79 Repay injury with justice and forgiveness
80 Live within your borders and dwell in contentment
81 The Way is to help and not harm